About Dr Kotlus

Brett Kotlus, MD, FACS is a New York City oculofacial plastic surgeon who specializes in both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the eyes and face.

He is one of only a few specialists who is certified and fellowship-trained in both oculoplastic surgery and general cosmetic surgery.

Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Genetics from Pennsylvania State University
  • Medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine
  • Completed residency at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Completed two accredited fellowships in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery and General Cosmetic Surgery in Tucson, Arizona
  • Provided surgical and non-surgical aesthetic services in one of the country’s most successful cosmetic surgery offices for eight years in the Midwest
  • Has provided surgical and non-surgical aesthetic services in his own practice in New York City since 2014

Board Certifications and Memberships

  • American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS)
  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS)
  • American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO)
  • Fellow and past Board Trustee, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Fellow, American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Fellow, American College of Surgeons


  • Robert F. Jackson Award – highest score on oral exam for American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Achievement Award – American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Individual Research Grant – Cosmetic Surgery Foundation
  • U.S. Patent for 3D custom implant design system

More About Dr. Kotlus

  • Active in charitable causes and has performed medical mission work in Mongolia with Health for Humanity
  • Affiliated with New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in Manhattan
  • Accepts Medicare insurance

Watch Dr. Kotlus talk about his approach

Listen to Dr. Kotlus on The Drive Podcast with Dr. Peter Attia

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What Other Doctors Say About Dr. Kotlus

“Brett has a quick mind, is always seeing answers, caring to his patients, a good surgeon.  He is one to watch and one that will add to our field.”

“Dr. Kotlus is a talented cosmetic surgeon with great aesthetic sense and surgical skill. His drive for excellence is apparent in every aspect of his approach to practice.”

“I’ve known Dr. Kotlus since he was a Cosmetic Surgery and Oculofacial Plastic Surgery fellow.  He is an intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate cosmetic surgeon who is truly at the cutting edge of our specialty.  His presentations at national meetings are always orginal and set new standards for excellence.   His skills as a cosmetic surgeon, as an oculoplastic surgeon and as a facial plastic surgeon deliver superb results.

“Brett Kotlus is an authority in the field of cosmetic surgery. More than that he is a promoter of public safety and education and is a reliable resource for practitioners in the field of cosmetic surgery as well as those contemplating having cosmetic surgery performed for their own needs. I am proud to have him as a friend and colleague.”

“Dr. Kotlus is a very qualified cosmetic surgeon and is well versed and trained in both facial and body cosmetic surgery.  He is well known to his peers as a surgeon, author and researcher and always seems to be on the cutting edge of contemporary cosmetic surgery.”

“From first-hand experience I can confidently say that Dr. Kotlus is a skilled and thoughtful surgeon.   He excels when it comes to detail and aesethetics.”

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