Asian double eyelid surgery can define your upper lid crease while the beautiful ethnicity of your eyes.

Dr. Kotlus specializes in cosmetic eyelid surgery in NYC including Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island.

dr. brett kotlus eyelid crease
dr. brett kotlus asian double eyelid surgery

1 month after asian double eyelid surgery, incisional method

dr. brett kotlus double eyelid surgery

3 months after asian double eyelid surgery to improve crease asymmetry, incisional method

kotus asian blepharoplasty nyc

3 months after asian double eyelid surgery for improved definition, incisional method, tapering crease with lateral flare

What is double eyelid surgery ?

Asian double eyelid surgery creates, defines, and in some cases consolidates the upper lid crease.  This lends a more open appearance to the eyelids while maintaining the natural attractiveness and ethnicity of the eyes.  Double eyelid surgery can transform a single eyelid (or monolid) into a double eyelid.  Some find that the eyes look rounder after after double eyelid surgery instead of having an almond shape.

Dr. Kotlus, an expert double eyelid surgeon in NYC has a detailed understanding of asian eyelid anatomy in order to control the shape and position of the crease, the upper eyelid fat, and the medial (epicanthal) eyelid fold. The eyelid crease dictates the shape of the eyelid shelf, also known as the eyelid platform.

Some cases require the creation of a crease while others seek improvement of symmetry or merging of multiple creases.  Excess skin is sometimes removed, but this is not always necessary.  During the procedure, upper eyelid fat pads may be sculpted to enhance the eyelid shape.

dr. brett kotlus eyelid fat grafting

2 months after double eyelid surgery, incisional method with upper eyelid fat grafting

Incision method or suture method?

In the majority of cases, Dr. Kotlus performs the incisional approach to eyelid crease formation and stabilization which tends to yield longer-lasting and more predictable results than suture method.

The suture method is reserved for specific scenarios in which a crease is already present and there is no significant pre-existing asymmetry.

The epicanthal fold

The inner corner of the eyelid can assume different configurations.  It may be desirable to modify the inner skin fold (epicanthal fold) in order to achieve a certain look to the tapering eyelid fissure.  Z-epicanthoplasty and Park epicanthoplasty techniques open the inner corner of the eyelids and can be performed with asian double eyelid surgery when necessary.

dr. brett kotlus ny monolid surgery

Immediately after double eyelid surgery, suture method

Motivations behind Asian double eyelid surgery

There is a misconception that double eyelid surgery is a Westernization procedure.  The fact is that nearly half of Asians have a native upper eyelid crease and those with monolids are motivated to frame the opening of their eyes in a way that is similar to their peers.  The surgical creation of a low, tapering crease results in an Asian-looking eyelid, not a so-called “Western” one.

An interesting and revealing study performed by Hwang and Speigel in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in March, 2014 entitled “The effect of  “single” vs “double” eyelids on the perceived attractiveness of Chinese women showed that both Chinese and non-Chinese observers subjectively found female Chinese eyelids with creases to be more attractive than eyelids with creases.

The popularity of double eyelid surgery has grown in recent years due to improved surgical methods, increased worldwide acceptance of cosmetic surgery, and popular culture images of a high percentage Asian celebrities with double eyelids.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery has become especially popular among Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Filipino clients of Dr. Kotlus. He was an invited surgeon in Asia where he performed the procedure along with other cosmetic eyelid surgery, and he has performed revision surgery on patients who were dissatisfied with results obtained elsewhere.

Double eyelid surgery recovery

Recovery after double eyelid surgery occurs in two stages.  During the first stage, there is noticeable swelling and possibly bruising and this usually lasts 1-2 weeks.  During the second stage of healing there is long term resolution of swelling and scar maturation which occurs over a period of months.  A well-healed incision appears as a faint line that corresponds with the created upper eyelid crease.

Click the image below to download Dr. Kotlus’ guide to Asian double eyelid surgery

dr. brett kotlus asian crease surgery


About Dr. Brett Kotlus

About Dr. Brett Kotlus

Dr. Kotlus is a board-certified surgeon that specializes in cosmetic surgery and eyelid plastic surgery. He is trained and experienced in double eyelid surgery. He has performed cosmetic surgery in Asia, including in Malaysia and Thailand. He offers private consultations in his New York offices.

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