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5on Google,Aug 15, 2017


Dr Brett Kotlus was highly recommended to me for his esthetics expertise of the eyes. He is calm, professional and very knowledgeable and that's why after three consultations I've chosen him. I am very happy with the results of my upper eyelids lift and left eye ptosis correction. It was a great success! Thanks to Dr Kotlus my eyes are youthful looking again.

5on Our Website,Aug 02, 2017


Excellent job in my under eye area! Today's the next day and I don't have any bruising or swelling. I am very happy to say the least. I've had this procedure done in two different countries in Europe and I must admit that Dr. Kotlus did an even better job. Excellent manners as well. I will be definitely visiting again!

5on Google,Jul 28, 2017


I can't say enough about Dr. Kotlus.. During our first meeting I felt so comfortable. I never met a more kind, patient and caring Dr. I felt so at ease and knew he was the Dr. for me. I have hollow under my eyes that I have never been able to fix. I have seen many Dr.'s and they have attempted to fix the problem by over injecting fillers making the situation worse . Well Dr. Kotlus injected my hollows today in such a way that they look beautiful .. I can't believe how happy I feel and more confident . I highly recommend Dr. Kotlus.., He is not just a Dr. but an artist .

5on Our Website,Jul 27, 2017


Dr. Kotlus is knowledgeable honest,and efficiently skilled in his craft. Dr. Kotlus thoroughly explained the procedure, and I was no longer nervous. I am satisfied with my results and I would definitely recommend him.

4.5on RateMDs,Jul 24, 2017


Had a great experience. He listened carefully and gave me lots of time. He did not try and make me have more than I wanted or to focus on anything I hadn't mentioned. The work was great and I love how I look. I've already sent a friend and will definitely go back. Really nice guy too.

5on RateMDs,Jul 12, 2017


Great experience! I did extensive research and settled on Dr. Kotlus. He was patient and kind. I am so happy to have found him!

5on Facebook,Jul 07, 2017

Elizabeth Gill

Dr. Kotlus is a truly wonderful doctor. He is extremely thorough, patient, exceptionally kind, and a skilled surgeon with a wonderful supporting team who clearly like and respect him. I highly recommend Dr. Kotlus!!

5on Google,Jul 06, 2017


Dr. Kotlus is a very compassionate doctor and always listened to my questions no matter how many times I called. He has a warm and conpassionate staff. I am 64 years old and had a lower facelift, fat transfer, and C20 laser on June 28th. My experience was outstanding starting from the first appointment at his office. I felt very confident I made the right decision when we talked about my procedure. The surgery went well. I had no pain following the procedure. My outcome is beautiful and I'm ready to go out on the town one week later. Thank you doctor Kotlus! You' re the best!

5on Google,Jul 01, 2017


Dr. Kotlus is a genius! He's an expert at his craft and makes the experience super enjoyable! I was stressed about my under eyes and nervous to get treatments, but I'm beyond thrilled with my results! I can't stop smiling!!! Dr. Kotlus was kind, listened to me and fixed my concern easily (with no bruising or downtime), even talked me out of excess treatments that other doctors may push upon you. He definitely cares about his patients, takes time with them and loves helping them feel their best in a minimal way. He also sends followup emails right away which are professional and helpful. Even his assistant/receptionist was so sweet :) Dr. Kotlus is the best, you can seriously trust him with your face. Thank you so much Dr. Kotlus!

5on Google,Jun 28, 2017


If I could give him 10 stars I would! He did an amazing job. I did research for weeks and finally decided on Dr. Kotlus and I am so glad I did. He was very thorough and explained the procedure in depth. No swelling or bruising. It was quick and painless and it looks great!

5on Google,Jun 22, 2017


Dr. Kotlus is amazing!! I went to him on 6/20/17 and all I can say is how wonderful he is!!! I traveled hours and it was well worth it. Professional, detailed, friendly and very calm. Loved everything about him. He was highly recommended and I see why. C.Bailey

5on Realself,Jun 21, 2017


My upper eyelids were very saggy due to excess skin. One eyelid was saggier than the other and it had been this way for the past 3 years and getting worse. The eyelid asymmetry made me look like I had one eye bigger than the other. My recovery was incredibly fast and I felt no pain. I looked very "normal" just 1 week after surgery. I love my results! Both eyelids are symmetrical and no more excess skin. The best part is that I look completely natural.

5on Our Website,Jun 21, 2017


Dr. Kotlus was amazing. I had a bad experience with under eye fillers. Two people recommended Dr. Kotlus...It was the best decision I could have made. He is awesome!!! Personality is great, very friendly and he made me feel so comfortable. I never write reviews but he is worth it...6/20/17

5on Google,Jun 16, 2017


My experience with Dr. Kotlus was everything I hoped for based on all the research I did prior to choosing him as my doctor for tear trough correction and minor Botox. He was attentive, courteous, professional, and took time to ask me about my profession before we discussed my areas of concern. He went over a detailed treatment plan with various options for me to consider before expertly administering the actual treatment. There was minimal discomfort, and he went over post-care procedures afterwards. He takes a wisely conservative approach to treatment - so far I am very happy with the results, and will wait two weeks before deciding whether to seek any additional correction. I cannot recommend Dr. Kotlus highly enough, and look forward to continuing as a patient of his in the months and years ahead.

5on Realself,Jun 12, 2017


I had a really great experience with Dr. Kotlus from the consultation to the actual procedure. I had restylne fillers under my eyes. I felt like i had really bad eye bags more so on the right and then left and he thought i would do great with Restylne. I went in for the consulation first bc ive never done it before. He was patient..answered all of my questions. I came back 1 month later to actually get it one. It took abut 10-15 mins. Didn't hurt at all, just a pinch. He gave me an ice pack to take home, said i might have some swelling but honestly i didnt have anything. No bruising or swelling. I definitely see a big difference. I still see a slight bag under my right eye and he did mention I could possibly use 2 syringes but I cant really afford that at this time so 1 will have to do. The consultation was $150 which was applied towards the procedure and 1 syringe is $800. He said 2 syringes would be $1400. He said it should last about a year so we will see. If money isn't an issue next year, i would definitely go back to him.

5on Our Website,Jun 07, 2017


My experience with Dr. Kotlus was everything I hoped for based on all the research I did prior to choosing him as my doctor for tear trough correction and minor Botox. He was attentive, courteous, professional, and took time to ask me about my profession before we discussed my areas of concern. He went over a detailed treatment plan with various options for me to consider before expertly administering the actual treatment. There was minimal discomfort, and he went over post-care procedures afterwards. He takes a wisely conservative approach to treatment - so far I am thrilled with the results, and will wait two weeks before deciding whether to seek any additional correction. I cannot recommend Dr. Kotlus highly enough, and look forward to continuing as a patient of his in the months and years ahead.

5on Realself,Jun 02, 2017


This is the first time ever, after 47 years, I had gone facial plastic surgery I have been researching and visiting several doctors for approximately 4 years. However, I was never sure because I am east asian and afraid to achieve an unexpected outcome. Our face is a super delicate are and it has to be someone really expert. Dr Brett is more than an expert . I would describe him as a personification of perfection in facial plastic surgery!! While doing an online research I found Dr Brett website and his amazing real reviews and I immediately decided to reach him out. He was very kind and knowledgeable from the first moment. ALL his reviews are true and he has an amazing hands NO OTHER DOCTORS MIGHT HAVE. When I decided for my surgery I was more than confident that the results would be outstanding. I was not afraid at all and felt very calm and confident the day I underwent the surgery. Did not feel any pain, HIS HANDS ARE SO AMAZING, one can feel them during surgery. I had minimal bleeding and my recovery was faster than I ever expected. After only a week, I could go back to my normal life without anyone noticing what I have done. Isn't this amazing nearly surreal!!!!!!! I always heard from experts that "to be a perfect plastic surgeon, no one has to notice that you underwent a plastic surgery but still realizes that you look in some way better " and this is what Dr Brett did on me. His results are so amazing that no one can exactly tell what you have done but still sees that you look much better and younger than previously. Prior to this surgery, I was hesitating about doing or not my eyelids but now I am sure that it has been so far one of my best life decision in addition to a great investment of my life. He is also a good human being, polite, smart and patient. Many doctors in this city are so careless, irresponsible and impatient........ After 10 days I feel so recovered and fully adapted to normal life. Minimal swelling and no scar at all despite being asian skin that tends to scar easily. I am so glad for this decision that changed my life forever as I do not need to waste a large amount of time every morning to put my eyelids tapes, concealers and make up around my eyes area. I always loved to keep natural look and this surgery will permit it. Definitely, he is a deep connoisseur of Asian features and asian double eyelid or asian blepharoplasty. I highly recommend him to anyone (including any asian) who wants to guarantee a perfect outcome!!!

5on Realself,Jun 01, 2017


I traveled from Chicago to NY for this doctor. Dr. Kotlus is extremely knowledgeable. I had severe under eye hollows. Dr. Kotlus filled the under eye area, no bruising! I did swell for 3 days and now it looks amazing. People have commented on how good I look. I did not want a overdone Hollywood look...I wanted to reverse the aging under the eye with a natural look!

5on Realself,May 17, 2017


I had restylane fillers done to my tear trough area. This was the first cosmetic procedure I've ever had, so I was very nervous but Dr Kotlus made me feel really comfortable. He was friendly and answered all my questions. The procedure was surprisingly painless and quick. I would highly recommend.

5on Our Website,May 12, 2017


Amazing experience! Dr. kotlus is one of a kind! He explained everything thoroughly and made me feel so comfortable! I received Restylane to my under eyes and couldnt be more happy with my results! I wanted to get my under eyes done for years but was scared! I have darkness to my inner corners and some hollowness that always made me look tired no matter what concealer i used or how much sleep i got! I was referred to him from my best friend! One of the best investments i made! The darkness is almost completely gone and the hollowness was filled so i dont have a deep crease anymore to my inner corners! I can even go out without concealer if i want! But with concealer my eyes looks refreshed and flawless!

5on RateMDs,May 07, 2017


Dr. Koltus was very attentive and honest with opinions but not pushy. Super satisfied with results and will be back!

5on RateMDs,May 06, 2017


Dr. Kotlus is great!! He makes you feel very comfortable and he gives you his honest opinion.

5on Realself,Apr 28, 2017


I am a difficult case: if i get botox injected the wrong way around the crow's feet (for botox browlift), my cheeks become distorted. But not with Dr. Kotlus!! i went to him last year for a botox brow lift and the results were amazing! I went back this year after a bad botox experience w another provider and thank God for Dr. Brett Kotlus! My botox browlift worked like a charm...he gave me such a nice and symmetrical arch!! . Dr. Kotlus is an artist and he can use that needle like a magic wand!!! I would totally recommend him!

“I had a mini-lift, upper eyelid surgery and fat graft. I have not met a more caring plastic surgeon and I have used Park Ave royalty in the past. I consulted only with top surgeons and by a total fluke ended up consulting with Dr. Kotlus, never intending to go with him. He has been nothing but amazing. I am fortunate that I found him, after spending thousands on consults with 5 other NYC/Long Island based surgeons, I went with my gut and could not be happier.”


Dr. Kotlus spent as much time with me as I needed and made sure all my questions were answered. He explained everything clearly so I always knew what to expect and felt completely confident with the doctor and his staff. Very professional. I had a facelift, browlift and an FX treatment. I healed according to the timeline I was given and I am extemely satisfied with my results. I would highly reccomend Dr, Kotlus sto my friends and family. i would do it again!

KathyFacelift, browlift, laser skin resurfacing

Dr Kotlus is a very nice man and outstanding professional. He always made me feel comfortable and I was confident that the outcome would be great… I am serious about only undertaking this surgery if you want to look 10 years younger. Right now I have the appearance of only looking about 12 years older than my 35 year old son.

RosemaryUpper and lower eyelid lift

What can I say?? Dr. Kotlus was very professional and an excellent Dr, He explained what he was going to do step by step,before and during the surgery so there were no surprises.. I know I was a little nervous going into this surgery, but as I look back now,, it was a piece of cake thanks to him and his staff, I would recommend anyone that had the eye problem I had to talk to Dr. Kotlus. you will look 10 years younger in 2 months…

"bowhunter"Male upper eyelid lift

The procedure was painless. There was very little discomfort afterward. Instructions for before and after were very thorough so that I knew what to expect and what to do. Staff members were very courteous and helpful. The results are everything I hoped they would be. I should have done it sooner!

KBEyelid lift

Outstanding Surgeon, Great bedside manor, Answered ALL my questions plus some I didn’t think to ask. Confident and proud of his work but not one bit cocky about it. To me Dr. Kotlus came across as genuinely concerned and empathetic to my perceived problems. He offered solutions….my pictures prove he knows exactly what he is doing..I look 20 years younger…Thank you…that doesn’t seem to be sufficient to say just “thank you” I will definitely be making recommendations for Dr Kotlus

ChristineFacelift with laser skin resurfacing

Very pleased with results. I look a little bit younger and yet everyone who knows me cannot figure out the change. Everybody admired my big glasses but they seem to stare and wonder ‘what else has changed.’ For those who have not seen me before, they are curious about my ‘nationality.’ Strangely, I also get more respect.

MagandaFacelift with eyelid lift

Dr. Kotlus explained exactly what would happen and didn’t pressure me into more than I wanted. He eased my worries and was very gentle. He improves on your negative features and accentuates the positive in a natural way. I also love that he shared my before and after photo’s with me. That was a first! I’m so relieved and happy to have him for my Dr :).


Omg, I have never ever ever had someone as gentle as Dr Kotlus. Very caring and when the procedure was finished the medical assistant asked me to rage my pain between 1 & 10, 10 being the worst, I said one, she asked me fifteen minutes later what pain level I was art and I still was art the number one! Incredible.

M.M.Lower eyelid lift

Dr. Kotlus is unlike any other plastic surgeon. He not only listens but genuinely cares…I trust in his ability and I can’t say that about most surgeons I’ve consulted with…The confidence and hope I gain from his work is priceless. I am so grateful to Dr. Kotlus’ careful work and for now this is what’s right for me.

NemorNose filler

I was really nervous about getting fillers under my eyes, because I have never done that before and heard that it can bruise a lot. Well, thank gosh I went to Dr.Kotlus Bc he did such an amazing job that I have no bruising whatsoever! Him and his staff were so kind and answered all my questions. I absolutely LOVE the results. I was so scared of looking “fake” but I look the opposite! Just refreshed and like I’ve had a great nights sleep! I had the procedure done yesterday and getting ready this morning was so much fun Bc I look so refreshed! 🙂 clearly I’m very happy with my results.

N. PetersUnder-eye filler

Dr. Kotlus is an artist. He is gentle and puts me at ease and I never worry that he will “over-do” anything. He makes sure that I still look natural and not “done”. My lips are a little swollen for a few days and I have a tiny bruise on my upper lip. There is no sign of the Botox at all. As always in a few days the Botox will really start to work. I have never felt like it made me look different… just a better, less tired me.

L.B.Botox and filler

I had previously went to Dr. Kotlus in the past for fillers in the lips, and I have received so many compliments that I know I cannot ever change doctors. His technique is incomparable! You only have one face, and I trust Dr. Kotlus with any procedure. He has an aesthetic eye and knows how to keep the results natural yet refined. He gave me realistic answers about a timeline of when I would need to take the next step from fillers to something surgical, and I appreciate his recommendations. Finding an honest doctor that is skilled and patient with all of my questions is very difficult. That’s why I will travel to any location he is to keep my results! I am very pleased.

J.X.Filler and Botox

Very personable, discussed realistic expectations and he made sure he kept my appearance natural. Very important! I like and admire that he’s conservative about what he does to you. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

ChrisUpper eyelid lift

Dr. Kotlus is a very gentle soul. He was attentive and careful with me; I felt very comfortable with him. He also called me the night after my surgery to make sure everything was fine with me. At our consultation, he answered all of my questions and put me at ease.

P.D.Lower eyelid lift

“I know how difficult it is to find a great surgeon. I even know how more difficult it is to find the right surgeon. I was born with droopy lower eyelids when I went for a consultation I knew right away Dr. Kotlus as the right doctor. I am so thankful and grateful that I did. He is not only an amazing surgeon but an artist my eyes look amazing. I can’t believe the results. They exceeded my expectations a million times. His staff is amazing as well. I never write reviews but realized I should if my review can help someone make the decision to choose Dr. Kotlus.”


Dr. Kotlus has such a gentle and caring manner! I didn’t feel embarassed telling him my concerns and he helped me choose what was right for me. I felt like my input and feelings mattered and I am very satisfied with my results!

Dr. Kotlus has a kind and gentle bedside manner. He has never pushed me for something I don’t want or need. I have had great results with botox and filler and will definitely go to him when I need surgery someday!

Dr. Kotlus did my bleph, he was amazing, he made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Great bedside manner. He did a wonderful job and I had little bruising and basically no pain. They gave me 2 tylenol before I left and I did not take anything again for pain.

Dr. Kotlus and staff are very professional. They took the time to answer all my many questions. I had an upper and lower blephaorplasty and a laser all over my face. I was left with a 2″ burned area between my lip and chin, it is a white scar. It covers nicely with makeup. My before and after pics really tell the story about how bad my skin was and I look so much better now than before. I was worried about being hassled about buying products or other services but I wasn’t. I was informed, but not pressured at all…All in all, a very good experience, good outcome and a good surgeon.

Nothing but good things to say. I’m so glad I went to Dr Kotlus for my eye procedure.


I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Kotlus and firmly believe he has an eye for detail. He special designed a custom chin implant to give my jawline perfect proportion. I have never felt so confident and can not stop looking at myself in the mirror. Will definitely recommend to anyone.


I am super picky when it comes to doctors, and I spend a lot of time researching who is the best in the area. I recently went to Dr. Kotlus for Facial Fillers and Botox, and I can honestly say that he is amazing! He took his time and answered all of my questions and never rushed me. (I tend to ask a lot of questions with doctors!) I trusted his opinion on how much to do, and the results are beautiful. My eyes look more refreshed and my face has more volume just in the right places. He knows what looks right for my bone structure, and I literally get compliments all the time. I plan on going in for my follow-up in two weeks and I am excited to see how well the after photos look! I will keep referring my friends and family to him because he is the expert, and always does pristine work.


I couldn’t be happier , everything went exactly like Doctor Kotlus said it would . I was treated like I was the only patient there. The doctor and his assistant did a great job, I feel a lot better about the way I look. I would like to thank everyone that works there for their kindness and courteousness . I It was a great experience and I would recommend them to my friends.


he is the most amazing doctor ..Had recent temporal brow lift by him.. I am very happy… He is a great doctor 🙂 great experience … I highly recommend him to every one :).. he is a perfectionist :):):)

I had a great experience at Allure. Dr. Kotlus was very patient and friendly. His staff was very nice and the appointment scheduling went very well and I didn’t have a long wait. I am happy with the way my eyes turned out and would recommend there service to everyone!


I recently had Facial Fillers treatment done by Dr. Kotlus and absolutely love the results! Dr.Kotlus is an amazing doctor and outstanding professional. His great bedside manner helped me feel at ease. He took time to answer all my questions without making me feel rushed. Dr. Kotlus is truly an expert in his field. I get compliments on how great I look all the time. I will certainly refer any of my friends or family to Dr. Kotlus without hesitation!


Muchas Gracias, Dr. Kotlus, los resultados son mejor de lo que esperaba; estoy muy contenta, me siento joven otra vez. Tuve minimo dolor durante la recuperacion, y hoy 8 semanas desde de la sirujia en la cara, me siento muy orgullosa. Definitivamente recomiendo al doctor Kotlus, es un excelente sirujano, me hiso centir tranquila, explico todo muy detalladamente, y es muy professional. Una vez mas muchas gracias, Dr. Kotlus


“I am so so happy that after many years of hesitation about doing my eyes and consultations with many doctors, I ended up choosing Dr. Kotlus. His easy manner and expertise put me at ease from the first moment I met him. He really listens to what you want and does not try to sell you or push you into things you don’t need. His goal is to make you look natural which was what I always wanted. I never got that feeling from any other doctor.
I just left my one week post-op visit after upper eyelid surgery and fat injections. Although I am still swollen I am extremely thrilled with what I see.
I have a feeling I will write another rave review in a few weeks!”


I was very impressed with the doctor. He is very kind and didn’t rush through the appointment. He explained everything so that I could understand. I sure wish I had known about him a few years ago when I had my tummytuck and Thermage.

I was so pleased with the quality of service. Dr. Kotlus and his staff were exceptional. They were so informative and there were no surprises. Anytime I had questions they were a phone call away and I had the answer within minutes. I would highly recommend this outstanding doctor and staff to anyone interested in having plastic surgery. I can’t say enough about their professionalism!

“From the lovely facilities to the fabulous staff.. what a wonderful experience! Interaction with the staff was like a social visit and I felt immediately that I was in good hands. Dr. Kotlus did a great job and maintained constant communication during the procedure.”

Dr Kotlus done an amazing job on my eyelid surgery, the procedure was painless and easy, I had my procedure at 9 am and went to work right after I was done!

Both my husband and I had Dr. Kotlus as our surgeon/doctor. My husband had the eyelid surgery, and I just had the Active fx. I’m at day 8, and it is looking good. He is very likable and gives you all the options. He does a good job describing what you can expect from each procedure and gives lots of opportunities for you to ask questions. My husband actually was referred to another doctor first and went for a consultation. He had his PCP give him a referral for Dr. Kotlus and is very happy with the outcome. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a good surgeon who they can trust.

What a joy to write this review! Dr. Kotlus is very professional, knowledgeable, current in his practice, approachable and caring. He patiently answers all questions. This is an amazing combination when you need to place your trust in a doctor. I had a procedure and the results are natural with no visible scars. I scheduled the surgery following a vacation and I love when friends remark how rested I look. This was my desired effect. The staff is also welcoming and prompt in their follow-up. I was fortunate to have a friend recommend Dr. Kotlus because I was apprehensive about selecting a doctor merely from advertising. I’m usually guarded about giving high recommendations, but regarding Dr. Kotlus, I am most confident about giving the highest scores for his outstanding expertise, meticulous attention to detail, desired results, positive interactions and supportive staff. If you are considering any cosmetic procedure, give yourself the gift of a consultation with Dr. Kotlus!

My experience was extremely pleasant and comfortable. Dr. Kotlus has a wonderful bedside manner. He is very knowledgable and he put me at ease immediately. He was patient and took his time with my care which I appreciated because I was very nervous with regards to my first treatment of Botox. Dr. Kotlus was gentle and the procedure was virtually painless. I am extremely pleased with the results of my treatment and can’t believe what a wonderful difference & improvement. I definitely plan to return to see Dr. Kotlus for my future procedures and will refer family and friends.

Dr. Kotlus was wonderful. He made sure I was comfortable during fhe procedure and explained everything he was doing and about to do, which was reassuring and my anxiety was pretty much non-existent. I will return to Dr. Kotlus for any future procedures.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the eyelid procedure that Dr Kotlus performed just 9 days ago. As a dental specialist I am very particular about details so I was extremely pleased to experience the same from this doctor. He was very honest and straightforward about the options available and what he could realistically accomplish. The procedure went very smoothly and painlessly – I didn’t need the topical anesthetic I brought from my office since they had that covered. The healing was very fast and the results are fantastic, much better than I expected. Wish I had come several years ago.

After introducing himself, he listened to what I wanted to achieve, or what motivated me, in considering cosmetic surgery. After informing me of what procedures I would benefit from, procedures he felt I did not need (at least at this time), showed me pictures, and discussed the procedure itself, I decided to have a facelift with fat transfer. That was on August 9th, and I have never looked back. I love my look. I did not have pain and was back to light activity in less than a week.

Dr Kotlus was great, very gentle , a lot less pain then I thought I would have. Only a few days of discomfort… wonderful care, before and after. Would highly recommend. Had Lipo on hips,thighs, stomach and waist. Extremely pleased with the results after only a week….

Dr. Kotlus is an extraordinarily talented physician! I felt no pain for the entire eye enhancing procedure because of his gentle and gifted hands. Thanks to Dr. Kotlus, I did not have any infection, vision, bleeding, scarring or heavy bruising! Thank you Dr. Kotlus for enhancing my appearance! So far my results are looking wonderful…I hightly recommend Dr. Kotlus!

Never having had any cosmetic surgery, my concern must have been evident when I booked the procedure. The assistant assured me “don’t worry, you’re in good hands” and that proved to be very true. Dr. Kotlus’ attention to detail, his skill, his kind manner and professionalism made me feel very comfortable and I intuitively knew, the results would be wonderful. It is very hard to find that immediate level of trust in a new doctor/patient relationship, but in this instance, it was effortless. Beautiful facility. Spotless pre-op & OR. At my one month post-op check, I inquired about other procedures and was very appreciative of Dr. Kotlus’ honesty, regarding what would and wouldn’t work. He is clearly “all about the patient” and their best interests. I am so pleased and amazed that I can actually see my eyes and eyelashes now; no more heavy hooding and obscured vision! Healing is right on schedule. I sincerely recommend Dr. Kotlus; an excellent surgeon and physician.

I found Dr. Kotlus to be a wonderful surgeon. He listened to what I wanted to achieve, and was sensitive to my concerns. He thoroughly explained what my options were, and helped me make a decision that would best meet my goals. He made sure to explain everything thoroughly, so I knew what to expect in regards to recovery. I felt completely safe in his care. The results of my surgery were excellent with no visible scars. Dr. Kotlus was even able to get rid of some of the scars I had from a previous procedure! I would recommend him to anyone, and fully intend to utilize his skills in the future!

I had the filler on my nose to increase the bridge here. The result is great. I had filler some where els before I came to Dr Kotlus and am most pleased with the result here. When I came to Allure, Dr Kotlus first analysed the different options for fillings ans he is very honest. Then we picked juvederm ultra plus filler. Dr Kotlus shaped the way I wanted. He listened to my concern carefully. I really like my nose shape now. I strongly recommend him for any asian nose non-surgery job.

Dr. Kotlus individualizes procedures for his patients with the eye of an artist. His excellent work is done with patience and caring. He listens to the concerns and explains all options. I am very happy with the work done by Dr. Kotlus . The friendly and helpful support staff makes the whole procedure a wonderful experience. I strongly recommend Dr. Kotlus for anyone with concerns about their appearance whether surgical or non-surgical. I plan to return for future work since I am so happy with the care received and the wonderful results.

Dr Kotus is in a unique class. On top of the surgical training he has a plastic eye fellowship AND a cosmetic surgery fellowship. I have heard him lecture, and I have been a visiting physician in his office. I email him about complicated cases for advice. He is good with patients AND he publishes in the medical literature. Enough said.

best review kotlus

Dr. Kotlus does amazing work. He has an eye for beauty and is very honest with his recommendations. I’ve been getting my Botox and fillers from hear for years and it looks so natural. I won’t go anywhere else!