What if your lips shaped a more alluring smile?

Lip Filler NYC

Filler treatment is the safest and most effective way to enhance your natural lip shape and to restore youthfulness. Hyaluronic fillers (including Restylane, Restylane Silk, Juvéderm and now Restylane Kysse) can roll the lip outward, highlight the lip edges, improve asymmetries, and inflate thin lips.

Beautiful lips have curves, like the rest of the body, and have a youthful suppleness.  The center of the upper lip, called the cupid’s bow, dips down between the two vertical columns that extend upward to the nostrils.   The lower lip appears to have two round pillows that don’t quite meet in the middle.  Natural-looking lip enhancement procedures add fullness but maintain these features and proportions.  Lip fillers can also highlight the most striking aspects of the lip shape, providing a true enhancement of inherent beauty.

Fat injections are another means of plumping the lips, with long-lasting results but somewhat less predictability than fillers.  Fat injections in the upper face (cheeks, under-eyes, temples) have more reliable results, most likely because of the relative lack of movement in those areas.

Before and after lip filler photos NY

What Dr. Kotlus’ patients are saying about their lip filler

How do I avoid artificial-looking lips?

  • See an experienced provider

    Ask to see examples of your doctor’s work and ask about their training.  Ask about your treatment options and any potential risks.

  • Don’t do too much at once

    Lips that are over-plumped lose curvature, definition, and character.  Gradual, subtle changes to the lips are less obvious to those around you and tend to look more natural.

  • Maintain balance and restraint

    Your lips should match your face.  There is no universal lip shape that is right for everyone.  The best version of your lips still look like they belong to you.

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